Image Background Removal Services

AlphaOmegaglobaltech is one of the most preferred global outsourcing partners for image clipping services. We have the required infrastructure and highly experienced photo editors who provide professional services. With this responsibility off your shoulders, you will be left with more time to focus on your core business tasks. We have expertise in photo clipping services and have provided this service to several global customers. Once you partner with us, our team of photo editors will efficiently enhance and restore your photos within a short time.

Image Clipping Services We Offer

AlphaOmegaglobaltech offers image path fixing services for a variety of product shots. Besides, if you want only a specific section of your photograph to be clipped, then we can fix the path around that particular area, which can then be used for publicity or any other purpose. We also offer photo clear cutting services to create clear, refined images, which can be used on your website or as any other form of marketing material. In our efforts to provide you with services as quickly as possible, we take just 18 to 24 hours for image clipping. However, this time may vary based on specific clipping requirements of the client. Our photo clipping services include

Clipping Furniture Photos

Compound images like furniture often have lesser fixed clarity and have to be carefully clipped to make them more appealing. We use Photoshop tools to refine the way furniture images look by improving the background

Food Image Editing / Clipping

If you are in the food industry, it is important to use high-quality food images that look fresh and delectable. Sometime, food images captured against dull background might steal the overall appeal. For this reason, we professionally edit food images to make them look absolutely toothsome

Jewelry Retouching and Clipping

Jewelry being expensive, it is necessary to ensure that every detail of it gets accurately displayed. We alter the image background such that all the customer focus will remain on the jewelry

Automobile Image Editing and Clipping

Our team of photo editors is trained to handle any kind of automobile photo editing needs and ensure that the images look realistic and highlight all the features of the automobile

Fashion Image Clipping

We will neatly clip fashion images by creating ghost mannequin effects in which the mannequins are made invisible to project the apparels better

Product Image Clipping

Our product path clipping improve the picture quality of products displayed on various online platforms and make them appear realistic and appealing